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23rd January 2020

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About Us

The company’s Director, Mr.JP. Singh had all over a challenging life before this, as he has worked as a Journalist for 6 years in various renowned National News channels and worked as Chief Bureau in “India News” .He also established a good reputation in the channels as a crime Journalist and worked for “Sansani” Program for Star News Channel.

Mr. Singh spent a year in Australia to understand the Institutions’ criteria for the students who wish to go to abroad for study .While living there he came to know about various needs of students which should be fulfilled before their departure .Their poor communication skills, low Confidence level, difficulty in understanding the Slang of foreign people and lack of presentation skills really affect their adjustment in studies and activities of daily living in overseas.

After considering all the needs of students, Mr. Singh took a step ahead to spread his wings in the market and decided to establish an organization named “Cambridge International Academy”..Through this company he has decided to fulfill the needs of students by providing special services including courses like Spoken English, Personality development, Professional training, Accent training, Business writing, polishing classes, IELTS and PTE coaching. The Visa assistance will also be provided for various countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Singapore, United Kingdom and many more, as he has been honored with the certificate of Education New Zealand Trained Agent and has also been awarded with the Canada Specialist Accreditation as well as Aussi Specialist Accreditation. Besides this, he is also the member of Migration and Education Alliance of Australia.

With an experience of more than seven years in the field of overseas education, I ensure to provide paramount services to all the candidates at the Cambridge. Spent three years in Australia and been there, it’s easy for me to understand the outlook of aspiring students who dream to study and settle abroad.

Before this, life as a broadcast journalist for six years had been very challenging and motivating. Hands on experience to work for some renowned national news channels and also as a Chief Bureau for India News has brought both wisdom and enthusiasm to me. To work as a crime journalist and become a part of the Sansani episodes for Star News channel was even more electrifying.

Moving to Australia in the later years, I could see the various needs of students that aren’t fulfilled before their departure. Communication skills, confidence and understanding the foreign accents are some of the major bottlenecks for the beginners that adversely affect the level of their adjustments overseas.

This inspired me to offer assistance with the help of a registered organization to provide safe wings for the students to move abroad. Cambridge International Academy was thus set up to fulfill special needs by providing essential services like Spoken English course, Personality Development, Professional Training, Accent Training, Business Writing, Polishing Classes and PTE and IELTS coaching. Here at CIA, we also provide visa assistance for countries like United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and Singapore et al. We are ENZRA (Education New Zealand Recognized) and our team of experts and counselors deal in foreign education to help you.

JP Singh
Cambridge International Academy