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Australia Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers 2017

Everyone has fobia about australia student visa interview question. Student get stressed while giving interview to officer. When you get a call from visa officer for australia student visa then you have prepared yourself first interms of confidence, speaking skills and many more. Cambridge International Academy giving you the few sample interview question for australia student visa question for your review.

Please have a look on list of Australia Student Visa Questions and Answers 2017

Ques 1: Why do you wish to study in Australia?

Visa officer has rights to know why you choose Australia instead of other country. You can provide a clear and right answer to visa officer question.

Ques 2: Do you plan to continue studying in Australia after your present course ends?

For this question: Give the honest and right answer to visa officer like (you have not decided yet).

Ques 3: Tell me a little about your course and subject.
For this question: You have to very clear about your academic course because they wants to know your interest and motives behind applying study in australia.

Ques 4: How long will your course last?
For this question:  If you have correct information about your course and deliver in right way like (for example, it is a 2 year course/it is a 5 year program).

Ques 5: How will doing this course benefit you?
For this question: We would recommend you to do proper research about  course like scope and benefits.

Ques 6: When will the course begin?
For this question:  Share the information to case officer.

Ques 7: How much does your course cost?
For this question: You have to know the actual cost of your academic course.

Ques 8: What is the purpose of your trip?
For this question:  Share the purpose to visa officer  (for example, you are looking to study in Australia).

Ques 9: Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends?
For this question, you can share your opinion regarding settling in australia.You can tell them you will be back after course end up.

Ques 10: What course have you applied for?
For this question, Visa officer want to verify that you have knowledge about course  (such as Masters in Geology/Bachelor’s in Chemistry).

Ques 11: Why have you chosen this particular course?
Give the honest answer to this question

Ques 12: Do you plan to continue studying in Australia after your present course ends?
Provide an honest answer to this question

Ques 13: How will you be paying for the course?
You have to aware of paying academic course fees  (for example, I am taking a loan/I will be self-financing my course).

Ques 14: Could you show me transcripts of your past academics?
Carry your original document and show to officer.

Ques 15: How did you find out about this university and its courses?
Through this question, the case officer is attempting to verify the information already provided. Frame a response that is truthful and puts across how you found out about the institution (for example, a friend is currently studying and told me about it/I was researching courses teaching my chosen subject etc.).

Ques 16: Where is the university/college located?
Through this question, the case officer is verifying if you have done your research on the university and checking your level of interest in pursuing the course. Provide a brief description of the locality as well as any additional snippets you came across during your research. Keep your response brief and to the point.

Ques 17: Could you show me your TOEFL/IELTS results?
Carry your original document with results and show to officer.

Ques 18: Why your TOEFL/IELTS is score so low?
Unfortunately  your IELTS/TOEFL score is low then you can give the honest answer and give reasons.

Ques 19: Could you tell me a little about your family background?
Description about your family background will be short and crisp. don’t take too much time on it.

Ques 20: How many siblings do you have?
Tell about your siblings (Brother/Sisters)

Ques 21: What do your parents do for a living?
Tell your parents way to living ( Father open shop/Busniness and Govt employee)

Ques 22: How much does your father earn annually?
Share the figure with visa officer. They wants to know your family financial support.

Ques 23: Will you be going home during the semester breaks?
Make him clear (yes/no/I don’t know yet).

Ques 24: Have you visited Australia before?
Answer should clear and loud (if yes/NO)

Ques 25: What will you do on returning to your home country?
Give the positive response to this question which highlights how your recently completed course will aid you in pursuit of your goals.

Ques 26: How will you finance your living expenses during the course of your study in Australia?
Provide a verifiable response to this question, providing documentary proof if available (such as bank statements, loan documents or any other as required).

Ques 27: How are you related to your sponsor?
Provide an accurate and concise response to this question. Ensure you are clear and do not provide unnecessary details in cases where the sponsor is not an immediate family member.

Ques 28: What are your sponsor’s source of income?
Provide an accurate response to this question, listing the various sources of revenue your sponsor has (for example, runs a family business/is self-employed/owns property etc.).

Ques 29″ Do you have any outstanding loans?
Provide an honest and accurate answer to this question as the information you provide can be verified. If yes, provide details of the amount and the type of loan.

Ques 30: What do your siblings do? Do they live with you?
Provide a brief description of your siblings’ current occupations. Ensure your responses are brief and to the point. Answer in the affirmative or negative to the latter part of the question (for example, yes we live together/no, they are married and live elsewhere/are currently abroad etc.).

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