Cambridge International Academy offers the Best PTE Coaching Institute in Amritsar. The English language is the medium mostly used by many universities abroad for teaching their students. It is mainly due to the popularity of the English language as it is a basic language and taught to almost every child at its budding stage of schooling. Therefore, many universities of renowned countries such as the UK, the USA, Australia, etc. use the medium of teaching in English. These universities put up the criteria of their students to be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English.

There are many tests that most of the universities overseas consider fit for the eligibility of the students. One such test is the PTE or Pearson Test of English. It is recognized globally by many universities. The test assesses the proficiency of students in the English language. Such tests aim to identify your knowledge in English that tests the amount of English you know. If you do not score well in the exam then it means you are not fit to survive in foreign countries. PTE is a test only for non-native English speaking countries.

Why choose Cambridge International Academy For PTE?

TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc. are some of the basic tests used to assess your knowledge in English. The best thing about PTE is that it is a computer-based test. A computer, not a human grader, reads the test. This ensures that the judgment is done fairly free of any errors and ensures that there is no time wastage of the students. The Graduate Management Council (GMAC) endorses the Pearson English Test. PTE is recognized by many business schools in international colleges. Not only the business schools but also other colleges focusing on art and music use it as a medium to test proficiency in English. This computer-based test is of 3 hours and scores on a scale from 10 to 90.

Best PTE coaching institute

Many people step forward to provide the students with the right guidance as per their needs. People with prior experience in PTE and fluent knowledge in English have opened a humongous amount of institutions. Right here in Amritsar, we have institutions that claim to be the best PTE coaching institute in Amritsar. But you need not worry because we are here to tell you how to choose the best institution for your English coaching. When it comes to PTE, the only trusted name is Cambridge International Academy. Many students in Amritsar are bound to recommend Cambridge International Academy as the best PTE coaching institute in Amritsar.

Cambridge International Academy has worked hard to maintain its reputation. Every year we guide students to the gates of success by coaching many students for PTE. Going abroad is a childhood dream for many. Therefore, a little practice and expenditure of time for making that dream come true are legit. We at Cambridge International Academy, propose you to invest your precious time with us to gain success.

Why choose Cambridge International Academy as the best coaching institute?

  • Cambridge has lived up to its reputation for the past 12 years. We have maintained a steady success rate during these years by guiding many people.
  • Cambridge International Academy realizes your dream as its own dream. Our only wish is to see you getting on the plane to fly to your favorite destination.
  • Cambridge International Academy provides jots down the best material and distributes it to each student to learn and practice thoroughly. Our study material covers all the essentials from the exam point of view.
  • Cambridge International Academy has a specialized PTE course running faculty. These faculty members are trained in English teaching. Cambridge has one of the most trusted faculty for your future.

All these postulates make Cambridge International Academy as the best PTE coaching institute in Amritsar. We create huge success stories each year. Our students are not simply our clients or people coming to us seeking the information. They are our family. We treat each student fairly and once you pass out, you have gained a profitable relationship with us. Cambridge International Academy has a positive environment in which students are highly motivated to study. It is not us, but the hard work of the students that make us the best PTE coaching institute in Amritsar.


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