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Canada Student Study Visa Interview Questions and Answers 2017

Canada is very popular  and beautiful country . Every student has a dream to study in canada. Canada is know as a second punjab of india. Lets talk about Canada Student Visa Questions and Answers.  Please have a look on list of Canada Student Visa Questions and Answers 2017

Group of English or French students with the flag of Canada

  1. Canada Academic Interview Question and answers

Ques 1: Please tell your university name where you looking for study?

Tell to visa officer your university name

Ques 2: Do you have information regarding your university history and achievements?

For this Question – You have to very confident about your university.

Ques 3: Why do you use this specific unversity among all university?

Tell to Visa officer regarding college history, study environment, college achievements

Ques 4: What is location of your college and university?

Share the location of your college and university

Ques 5: How do you find college/university?

You can reply to this question (for Example – you have heard about this university/college from your siblings)

Ques 6: Please tell us, How many universities did you apply for? (Both admits and rejects)

Give the honest answers of this particular question

Ques 7: DO you know the name of your professors?

If you know then tell them

Question 8: Did you receive any scholarships?

Give the honest answers of this particular question

2 Your Academic Interview Question and answers

Ques 1: What have you done in study?

Tell more about your qualification and certification.

Ques 2: What is your specialization?

Tell your achievements

Ques3: What is your High School, Degree or Master’s percentage or grade?

Tell your school/college name with details like percentage and grade

Why Canada?

Ques 1: Why do you wish to study in Canada?

Tell to Visa officer that You are looking to get higher study from canada.

Ques 2: Do you plan to continue studying in Canada after your present course ends?

You can give him clearly that if you do well then you can focus on masters education.

Ques 3: Tell me a little about your course and subject.
Before the interview start, you have to aware of your courses and subject.

Ques 4: How long will your course last?
Give the answer about duration of your course.

Ques 5: How will doing this course benefit you?
We would suggested you to do proper research about  subject and course like scope and benefits.

Ques 6: When will the course begin?
Answer will be same, Give the answer about duration of your course.

Ques 7: How much does your course cost?
For this question: Tell actual cost of your academic course to visa officer

Ques 9: Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends?
For this question, you can share your opinion regarding settling in canada.

Ques 10: Could you show me your TOEFL/IELTS results?
Show to Ielts results certificate

Ques 19: Could you tell me a little about your family background?
Description about your family background will be short and crisp. don’t take too much time on it.

Ques 20: How many siblings do you have?
Tell about your siblings (Brother/Sisters)


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