Canada Embassy 10 Interview Questions for Tourist Visa

Canada Embassy Interview Questions for Tourist Visa

Greeting from Cambridge International Academy!

Hello Everyone. If you looking to go canada as a tourist then Please have a look on list of question visa officer can ask to you during the interview for Canada Tourist Visa

General Questions:
Ques 1. Visa Officer – How are you doing? / How are you?

You  – Fine, Thank you.

Note:  Don’t show to visa officer that you are nervous.

Ques 2. Visa Officer – Did you ever visit Canada Before?

If you ever been to canada then tell the year name otherwise you can reply i dint get a chance to visit canada.

Ques 3. Why do you want to study in canada?

I want to go there to pursue my Masters degree. Because of the ample research facilities and global exposure available there. I will be completely equipped in terms of practical exposure, by being in contact with people from different nations and working with the best technology.

Ques 4. Why did you select this particular university?

E.g. I was keen to study in a university which can give me quality education so while searching various options I found that this university has got the best faculty available in my subject. Even the research facilities are very good. Moreover it is listed in the top 50 universities of the world with well known professionals as its Alumni’s.

Ques 5. For which course are you going?

I am going for MS in Computer Science for the Fall 2009 session.

Ques 6. Why did you choose this course?

This course is related to my previous studies as I have done my B.Tech (Computer Science) and I would like to continue my education in the same field. Moreover I am quiet interested in VLSI design and this course includes various modules related to that.

Ques 7. Why don’t you do this course here in India?

Similar course in India is entirely theoretical. Whereas the same course in Canada comes along with Internship and a lot of project work. Internship & projects will give me a lot of practical knowledge. After completing the course I will not get only the degree, but also experience in the field. Also, the research facilities are not that great here in India.

Ques 8. Which are the other universities you have applied to?

I applied to four other universities and got calls from two of them. But I preferred to choose XYZ because of the research being carried out in the field of XXX (mention the one related to your course) that interests me the most.

Ques 9. How are you going to fund your education?

You can say that Family funds or Bank loan (As per your Visa documents and funds statement

Ques 10. Are you getting any school waiver?

Mention if you are getting any tuition fee waiver or teaching assistantship or research assistantship. That will prove to be a positive point.

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Canada Student Study Visa 30 Interview Questions and Answers 2017

Canada Student Study Visa Interview Questions and Answers 2017

Canada is very popular  and beautiful country . Every student has a dream to study in canada. Canada is know as a second punjab of india. Lets talk about Canada Student Visa Questions and Answers.  Please have a look on list of Canada Student Visa Questions and Answers 2017

Group of English or French students with the flag of Canada

  1. Canada Academic Interview Question and answers

Ques 1: Please tell your university name where you looking for study?

Tell to visa officer your university name

Ques 2: Do you have information regarding your university history and achievements?

For this Question – You have to very confident about your university.

Ques 3: Why do you use this specific unversity among all university?

Tell to Visa officer regarding college history, study environment, college achievements

Ques 4: What is location of your college and university?

Share the location of your college and university

Ques 5: How do you find college/university?

You can reply to this question (for Example – you have heard about this university/college from your siblings)

Ques 6: Please tell us, How many universities did you apply for? (Both admits and rejects)

Give the honest answers of this particular question

Ques 7: DO you know the name of your professors?

If you know then tell them

Question 8: Did you receive any scholarships?

Give the honest answers of this particular question

2 Your Academic Interview Question and answers

Ques 1: What have you done in study?

Tell more about your qualification and certification.

Ques 2: What is your specialization?

Tell your achievements

Ques3: What is your High School, Degree or Master’s percentage or grade?

Tell your school/college name with details like percentage and grade

Why Canada?

Ques 1: Why do you wish to study in Canada?

Tell to Visa officer that You are looking to get higher study from canada.

Ques 2: Do you plan to continue studying in Canada after your present course ends?

You can give him clearly that if you do well then you can focus on masters education.

Ques 3: Tell me a little about your course and subject.
Before the interview start, you have to aware of your courses and subject.

Ques 4: How long will your course last?
Give the answer about duration of your course.

Ques 5: How will doing this course benefit you?
We would suggested you to do proper research about  subject and course like scope and benefits.

Ques 6: When will the course begin?
Answer will be same, Give the answer about duration of your course.

Ques 7: How much does your course cost?
For this question: Tell actual cost of your academic course to visa officer

Ques 9: Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends?
For this question, you can share your opinion regarding settling in canada.

Ques 10: Could you show me your TOEFL/IELTS results?
Show to Ielts results certificate

Ques 19: Could you tell me a little about your family background?
Description about your family background will be short and crisp. don’t take too much time on it.

Ques 20: How many siblings do you have?
Tell about your siblings (Brother/Sisters)