We offers english speaking course in amritsar

After completing this course, the student will be able to communicate effectively in English with a native/non native English Speaker. We will help with pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and Accent neutralized, correct usage of day to day English Language. Also, included are commonly used idioms and slang be it British, Northern American or Australian.
BASIC ENGLISH LANGUAGE: This course is the gateway to the knowledge of English. The student starts with the Basics of English Grammar, The formation and forms of Sentences, The usage of Tenses and Verbs. This course helps you develop integrated skills in Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking English. This is developed over a period of 60 days in different levels.


This is a course offered by CIA, upon the successful completion of which, the student should be able to express and communicate very proficiently in English. Apart from the Basic Course and English Speaking Skills, it includes usage of synonyms and antonyms, wider range of vocabulary, polished pronunciation with emphasis on parts of speech and day to day fluent usage of English. The Tutors will coach you on understanding graphs and tables. This also aids in boosting the confidence levels along with the Presentation Skills.
BUSINESS/PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSE: This is for professionals migrating abroad including Doctors, Engineers, Nurses, Businessmen, Tradesmen and Low skilled workers. We will help you with the Presentation Skills, Interview Techniques, Language of Presentations, Seminars, Conferences and Meetings including describing tables, graphs, speaking naturally for social situations, Appointments, Correspondence by email, Medical Needs and understanding commercial documents.


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