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Green Card Interview Questions for Married Couples

  • What is your current address?
  • Who lives at your address?
  • What your cell #?
  • What is your spouse’s cell #?
  • What is your spouse’s date of birth?
  • How, when and where did you meet your spouse?
  • How many days after you first saw her/him did you call her/him?
  • When did you see your spouse a second time?
  • What did you do with her/him?
  • Where and with whom did your spouse live when you met your
  • Did she ever come up to see you?
  • Where did your spouse work when you met your him/her?
  • What type of work did he/she do?
  • Where did your spouse work when you met? What type of work did
    your spouse do?
  • What type of work does your spouse do?
  • What is your spouse’s work schedule?
  • What is your spouse’s salary?
  • Are both of these salaries deposited into the same bank account?
  • What bank account do you use?
  • Did your spouse have a car when you met? What model, color, etc?
  • Are these the cars you and your spouse current drive?
  • If not, when did you and/or your spouse change cars?
  • If you now have cars, how much money is owed on them? How much
    is the monthly payment?
  • How long did you and your spouse date prior to getting married?
  • When did you and your spouse decide to get married? Was there a
    proposal? Who proposed? When and where did it take place?
  • Did you and your spouse live together prior to your marriage?
    When, where, how long?
  • When did you and your spouse move in together?
  • When did you get married?
  • If you had a celebration, what food/beverages were served?
  • Did you and your spouse go on a honeymoon? If yes, where did you
  • How did you purchase the honeymoon travel package, or who made the
  • How long did you travel for?
  • How did you get to your honeymoon destination?
  • Who pays the rent/mortgage? How is it paid? (Do you mail it?
    Hand-deliver it?)
  • Where does your landlord live, or what company holds the mortgage
    on your property?
  • How many sleeping rooms does your home have?
  • Are all the sleeping rooms on the same side of the home?
  • What size bed do you and your spouse have?
  • Describe the pieces of furniture in your bedroom?


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