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Today we are discussing why study abroad in Canada with or without IELTS. Apply now for coming intakes and fulfill your dream of student visa for Canada with Cambridge International academy.

There are different option we could offer to the student. First of all DUAL Offer. Please see as an attachment. If he finishes Our ESL program he can go either to one of these colleges Centennial or Conestoga. For Centennial collegewithout writing any IELTS or Entrance Test or for Conestoga college no IELTS or Entrance Test requirements. A great advantages of this Dual Partnership Program are that student can transfer himself/herself into Prestigious Universities in Canada. in addition, about 90 % of students of these colleges find an employment which is a great opportunity for international students to immigrate to Canada.

If he really wants to avoid IELTS examination then it will be great an opportunity for him to go through us for short time and afterwards go to Public colleges. He can also take bachelor degree over there and work at the same time if he wants though. It will be depending on program ( full time or part time).

We will admit them for January 2016 and they can start study in the college from September 2016. Some of them can study Post Graduate Certificate who finish Bachelor degree and for the boy we will study bachelor. After completing our ESL program, they we will be admitted into colleges and avoid writing IELTS examination.

​So generally, We will be required from them to pay firstly $300 CAD registration fee to the college. When we receive, we will send you for each student Official Invoice and Conditional Letter of Acceptance. When they make payment of tuition fee of ESL we will issue Official Letter of Acceptance from our side and they have to also pay at least one semester of the colleges of $7000CAD for safety reasons to get Study permit and Student Visa otherwise CIC immigration can refuse the visa. You do not need to be worried as we are going to guide you. We will receive also Official Letter of Acceptance from the college and forward to you, so with both official LOAs they can apply for visa and study permit.

ESL (English as Second Language) it consists of 5 levels

Low intermediate
High Intermediate
The length of each level is 7 weeks long and operates
Mon – Fri from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm. 30 hours a week/ 210 hours for 7 weeks. Per level $ 2,580.

Please let me know if he is interested, then we can start working on admission.

Why Study Abroad Canada ?

Canadian Institutes, charge lower tuition fees for international students than their counterparts in competing countries and at the same time maintain excellent education quality. The Student Partners Program (SPP) is an administrative framework designed and implemented in Partnership between the Canadian Visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC).

Shelldreams Overseas assists in student visa for canada under SPP program and Non-SPP program and is one of the leading study abroad Canada consultant in Ahmedabad, India. India is ranked as the third largest source country of immigrants to Canada, with a recently growing Indo-Canadian community estimated to be over one million among that,Shelldreams Overseas is ideal consultant for Study in Canada not only in Ahmedabad, but across India.

Currently, fast-track processes have been instituted to facilitate processing of study visas of Canada for designated business travellers and students applying to designated publicly-funded post-secondary colleges and universities in Canada. Over 99% of applications through the Business Express program are given approval, most within two working days. Partly as a result of the Student Partners program, India was the second largest source of students destined to Study abroad Canada. When number of study permits were issued, more than four times the number in past years. Canada has introduced new Super visa for qualifying parents and grandparents allows for visits of up to 2 years without the need for the holder to renew status for Canada study.

In 2010, India and Canada has signed the Memorandum Of Understanding. The MOU encourages the continues development of cooperation between institutions of higher education, based on each country’s academic, scientific and educational needs for Study Visa for Canada. If we talk about work with study, then you have two options – On campus and Off Campus for Canada study.Students can work on campus at the college campus or university campus in which they are enrolled without work permit if they are full time student, holding a valid study permit, at college campus and university campus only. For Off campus options, student can apply at one of the organisation approved by Canadian Government during study in Canada. In addition, student must have attended 50% of the course duration before applying for work permit with qualified academic standards.

In vacation times, student can work full time as per their will but during the study time, they can work 20 hours per week in both On and Off campus work.

Call:9217241111  for more information  for complete assistance in Canada student Visa.

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