Exam Coaching: We prepare you to start your journey from the very beginning. Scoring well in Exams like IELTS and TOEFL we are here to assist you best. Our Professional and committed staff assist students in every way to achieve high bands. We offer Life time membership card to students to stay in touch with them longtime. They can come back anytime of the age to get free assistance and free classes from us.”Once enrolled is life time enrolled”.

Career Counseling: Before jumping to the admission process we need to take care of your needs and suitability. First step towards self assessment is career counseling .CIA helps you figure out which course and University will suits you. After knowing best option based on skills, educational background, work experiences and hold on English we recommend you institution and course. We help students to get acquainted to all the positive and negative aspects of going to any particular university and course.

Application process & Admission guidance: Studying abroad is not just filling application forms online of desirable university but many things to be taken into consideration. We provide application forms and make them understand about the procedure, terms and conditions of institute, providing details of documents required, preparing them to write statement of purpose ,preparing there whole file for the submission in embassy, Polishing them for the Interview, Tracking results and much more.

Travel Assistance: Going away from home has been always tough and especially when you are
planning to stay away for long time .CIA understand the requirements of students at the time of travelling. Travel is not just book a ticket and depart..It is about choosing the comfortable airlines, luggage allowed to carry, Post departure facilities like accommodation. We have all solutions under one roof as we provide all facilities to student before departure and brief understanding of the country, culture and language..We
also provide maps of city and which is best place for Indian food and all. So you can stay connected to home country.

Visa Extensions: Stay as long as you want, we provide visa extension services for our students to stay legally and safely..