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Denmark is a beautiful country located in Northern Europe.It has 500 islands and 80 of them are inhabited.The major cities are Cophenhagen ,Arhus,Aalborg,Odense .Country has largest fishing Industry and with the large export markets it has become one of the richest countries in the world.It has large deposits of Oil and natural gas in the North sea.It is a tourist destination having fascinating mixture of museums,historical sites and parks.In education point of view it is safe place for students with low living costs.Excellence, creavity and gateway to Europe ,these quality attracts students more.About the language ,English is not a problem but official language is Danish.

Some Facts:
1.Country :Denmark
2.Capital city : Cophenhagen
3.Prime Minister: Helle-Thorning
4.Total Population: 5 million (Approx 2014)
5.Currency: Danish Krone(DKK)

Step by Step Application process for Denmark study visa:
Step 1: Register with Cambridge International Academy
Step 2: Choose Available Intakes
Step 3: Receive Letter of offer from College/University after documents assessment
Step 4 : No Funds Required
Step 5: Embassy fees Draft of Rs.12000
Step 6: Submitting File
Step 7 : Visa stamping

List of Documents Required:
1. Academic documents along with Passport(Attested photocopy)
2. IELTS (not compulsory)
3. Statement of Purpose
4. Study fees paid receipt
5. Recommendation letters from lecturer/Employer
6. Work Experience

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