Best immigration consultants in Jalandhar for Australia, UK, Canada & USA

For anything new, one needs the right guidance and encouragement. At Cambridge International, you will get more than guidance to fulfill your dream to study abroad.

If you have a plan to study in Australia/New Zealand/America/Canada/Germany/Singapore/Europe, Cambridge International will help you out. We are one of the best study visa consultants in Jalandhar. Using our sources and experiences in visa processing, we have been helping numerous students in Jalandhar to settle abroad for study and work.

Best Education Study Visa Consultant in Jalandhar For UK, Canada, Australia and USA

When you make your mind to study abroad, many unseen challenges are waiting for you to give up the idea. Here, at Cambridge International, we will help you to complete your visa process by minimizing the chance of rejection and also provide educational counseling to choose the right study destination according to your profile and interest.

As a leading visa consultant in Jalandhar, we have found immense respect from people who are not settled in abroad. They are still in touch with us who make our visa network vast and reliable.

Benefits of Hiring Cambridge International for Study Abroad Visa Support in Jalandhar

Getting Expert Opinion

We have a team of experts who guide you at every step because a minor ignorance or error can affect the whole visa process. It can delay or sometimes cancel the whole process. After screening your profile, we provide you with suitable answers like which country you are eligible for, which is the right university for you, overall expenses, eligibility for the scholarship, and so on.

Remember, the visa and university admission policies are dynamic. It may possible that what was relevant a few years back may not be relevant these days. We, a leading study visa consultant in Jalandhar, keep ourselves updated with the latest changes in the visa policy of a country and help you to make the right decision. 

Counseling Services/Career Advice

Counseling keeps you out of the dilemma when it comes to studying abroad. Some candidates find difficulties in selecting the right program that can bring opportunities and make their future safe. Through counseling, we help candidates on how to utilize their post-study work visas and choose the right subject.

Grooming and Coaching

Many English speaking universities demand an IELTS score from none-English speakers. We arrange special coaching to prepare IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, and GRE. We groom our candidates to face interviews boldly. We help them to meet the significant criteria for getting admission and approval for study visa.

Smooth Application Procedures

As a professional study abroad consultant in Jalandhar, we help you to fill the visa application, collecting required documents, and proofread the application to avoid mistakes. We ensure that you have all types of paperwork required for admission. We also keep a close eye on the visa process to keep you well informed about its status. We aim to free you from the burden of visa processing. 

Departure to Settle Abroad

As previously mentioned, we have a large network. We take care of your departure. As you reach your destination, our active agent will help you in case of any problem in settling there. 


  • How long do I have to wait for student visa approval?

It depends on the country to country and the type of student visa you are applying for. If you have all the required documents, the student visa approval may not stretch more than 3-4 months. 

  • Is it necessary to submit a score of IELTS to get admission abroad?

Many universities in English speaking nations check your proficiency in English. Your IELTS score makes the visa process smooth and easy. 

  • How do you help me if my visa is on hold?

Being a leading student visa consultant in Jalandhar, we try to identify the reasons for keeping the visa on hold. After analyzing your visa issues, we use our source and effort to resume the visa process. If it doesn’t work, we also help you to reapply.  Apply now!


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