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“Come & grab a chance and get yourself eligible for USA” States are very much known for their tourist attractions and even they are also considered as hub of Education. USA has given the access for the visa entry without IELTS in which 6-7 years gap is accepted. A student can apply for bachelors and masters in reputed universities and colleges of states. The i20 gets cleared within 15 days along with the confirmed admission in respective colleges and universities. The requirement of funds is 25 lakhs which can be one day old even. Parents can sponsor their children. A student will go through an interview round of 2 minutes for which preparation is done under the expert guidance of CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY and their staff members.


  1. I want to go u.s.a without ielts… I have done b.d.s with 60 percent marks and my 10and 12th from c.b.s.e board with 66 percent marks

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